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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 11AM  FOX  September 9, 2016 11:00am-11:30am MDT

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a press conference just and lived in douglas county payroll learning more about the investigation and hearing some touching remarks from the detect his brother. a family safe from a house fire in lakewood a close call all thanks to firefighters and a good samaritan next-door. rehearing in the neighbor who jumped in action this morning. people gathering a national ceremonies this morning to remember the 15th anniversary of september 11. more and how the victims are remembered and how you can commemorate the day here in denver this weekend.
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11:00 o'clock on this friday morning. we're just getting some breaking news right now three women have been arrested, in france, according to officials there they were a terror cell directed by isis and syria the woman reportedly arrested in connection with gas cylinders found this we can set up a car that was in front of the notre dame cathedral in paris. they say one had a letter in her purse swearing allegiance to isys. in douglas county swat detective after being shot by a man one week ago today. were now learning more about the investigation into how this happened. sholl turner, live at parker events of hospital with new details we just learned this morning. officer detectives, is fighting for his life, doctors are trying to treat a hemorrhage. he's in intensive care for the man who shot him shout and killed by police ironically want to show you something right
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hospital. you see the building here. man who shot the detective were shot and killed just near this building, as he walked around near this parking lot, full of people branching high-powered gun. the detective a father, husband former marine brother, and he is known and respected so much by those on the force and also those in the community. this all started when shots fired last friday per. the detective shot while trying to have this high-powered gun and was shooting per that man took off in an rv of all things good spot team seized emergency care to try to save the life until the ambulance could get there. the suspect ended up as a mention, here near the hospital where he was shot and killed by police. five officers pulled triggers, one is on administrative leave right now, the critical response team is investigating. we have the best investigators
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office from other agencies a contribute people to this team so that hopefully come we have got people not from the agencies of the officers involved being some of the main investigators in the case. i ask that you think these heroes at walk among us as a continue to pray for my brother who is a fathe detroit lions fan. obviously, that is steve bright, a great deal of strength, allison to him, a couple of hours ago he urged everyone to pray for his brother as you heard.
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donations coming in. the support their feeling right now, the doctors also set a couple hours ago right here that they are optimistic about treating detective praise. new line is encouraged to throw their support to the family. will have more on this on our website and today at five. were just learning a man has died after being hit by a car 14th and read. according to police, the scene, no word on his identity at this morning. families barely survived a house fire overnight in lakewood a five -year-old girl, trapped pulled out at the last minute i
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here at fire station, then west metro, in the lakewood the firemen went to dispatch from last night when the fire broke out. right now they're holding a press conference ready to tell their story how they were able to get to into the home and rescue the little girl. the fire broke out about 1230 in the morning and the crews got there there's a lot of smoke and a lot of flames, the mother and son inside the home were able to get out and escape pro your old girl still inside the home at the second floor in a bedroom, hiding inside of her closet firefighters jumped into action, able to get out safely very quickly before part of the home collapsed. the fire, staggered out of the house, and fall to the ground.
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they says go get them out, i said okay, and i ran to chad coming you facedown out in the street. firefighters coming west metro say the little girl told him them that she was hiding inside of her classes because she had a port build in there and she had told them she had thought that was going to be a safe place from the fire and from the flames. little girl and dad's motion suffering smoke inhalation both are going to be okay. today people gathered in several national ceremonies to remember the september 11 attacks for the two days ahead of caution the 15th anniversary which is sunday. today people gathered at the pentagon center court for a moment of silence. they lost 184 people one hijackers gretchen to that building.
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talk to the crowd that they remembered. attorney general, a moment of silence, a plaque dedicated to the survivors of the attacks that day. the survivor tree trees in the doj courtyard last year come of the plaque is new this year. they were from appear to that stood on the world trade center on september 11, 2001 and narrowly survived that more memorials will take place on sunday, the areas off the tax new york city the names of all the victims of erratic ground zero. in new york fire department and a memorial at the new york city fire museum. here in colorado, several 911 memorial events are planned for this weekend including one on sunday. answer 9:30 a.m. -- 2:00 p.m. civic center park with the
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and my remembrance. a pretty matrix across the metro area. seventy in one week ridge 70 downtown 69 in aurora. good friday afternoon. north north-south east and losses skies are crystal-clear. off to the mountains, from our deck out here. can even see a cloud in the sky. how to stay that way throughout the afternoon.
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last few days. is going to be a roller coaster ride over the next few. it'll be back down toward policy at lunch get into next week. coming up, a woman says she's concern for her well-being after running a september 11 related advertisement. more on why the ad offended so many people and how she's hoping to make the mistake this weekend amtrak train to make amends over a tweet. it all started with this tweet from february held amtrak
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woman from san antonio, pack for her september 11 advertisement said she was worried now for her safety pretties got a lot of backlash from across the country after this video of her mattress
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two men the two mattresses behind them. she pushes him, bringing that to piles of mattresses crashing down, some think at the pics between towers and how they fell in people seem to be outraged. i don't know how you could perceive that is not being offensive, funny, or creative marketing, it's not what it is. we are not hate we are love. we are somebody who stands rear miracle matches we make miracles happen, and for our lives to be in danger, that's not what we ever wanted. >> here's what they're doing. they say they will donate 30 percent of their sales this week into the 911 foundation. she said she never thought they had because as much eight and she hope people will forgive her new york city police officer remembering his father on the september 11 anniversary.
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footsteps. her father, john died trying to help police escape the world trade center. now, he's an officer to working with the new working with what they people that knew her dad is what i'm trying to say, she uses her dad's police shield even she says she keeps her dad's legacy very close to her heart. >> it's a pretty big thing to carry his name. don't take it lightly. he has such a strong legacy that yes i'm paving my own legacy code in the same make him proud and carry on. when a mage my right-handed day, didn't do it halfway i didn't 100 percent because the name really mean something. she is a widget first decided to take the test me an officer choose afraid to tell her mom. her mom's response was what took you so long. >> it's on the family. these are the stories we are remembering, we should all the time really at all the connections, this far away from what happened.
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anniversary, 15 years summer gathering at a memorial in new jersey, they help make possible pig member the family they lost. it is the empty sky, memorial right here. in by the song my new jersey icon bruce springsteen civilizing the emptiness are the twin towers once stood the 749 victims from new jersey listed in random order on the side, each wall is 208 feet tall, 10 inches long, equal to one side of the world trade center tower. it's kind of to scale. from the front, they obviously resemble the two towers of the new york skyline in the distance. it points right to ground zero across the water. >> the symbolism come he is stand at the approach to the memorial, you could a silhouette of the towers being replaced
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>> it's a well thought out design and took a lot of thought for sure following september 11 come of the families of victims came to the area where the memorial now stands. as they mark 15 years, some of those who lost loved ones are now returning to reflect on the time that is passed. >> for every single day of every single year since 911, i'm sure if you asked was, if not surviving family members, the play the same thing. is not a day that goes by that we don't miss them and love them some of the family say they never received the remains of them from lebanon state loss, memorial has helped bring them some kind of closure. a surprising amount of mothers regret what they name their babies for the top reasons they said they were cited chosen something different. the weekend is finally here, we
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there are some things in life, haven't changed much in the past ten -- 20 -- 30 years. it's one of those things. now company has a new idea possibly a better idea. a bluetooth padlock, take a look. it looks like a padlock but it's
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company called dolmen bone. it uses bluetooth connecting to your smart phone in the locks park at its head of takes just a minute or two. turned unlock the padlock, is actually pretty simple. this attending button that makes the lock up. apple immediately recognized the lock push the button on them, and the lock is unlocked pretty simple. here's what's even cooler. you can give other people access to the locks temporarily or permanently. installed the app, log in a it. of course if you decide to take the power away. it's rechargeable one charge should lasted two years or 3,000 on locks and after app born jew long before the battery dies. is also denied to be
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hundred and 28 bit encryption. so far it hasn't been hacked weather so his thoughts on my mind is worried, thinking. it's a big decision every parent has to go through could it be a tough decision. what should we name our baby? >> the struggle israel. i love the name you picked. it's very cute. many parents are regretting the decision. british website asked moms how
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three considered changing the baby's name. one in five said they wish they picked up different name the biggest reason for the regrets lack of originality. many of them also said it was just something that never felt right or i was pressured into it. they all say they regretted names or hard to pronounce, saying a bad nickname or initials that spelled a rather undesirable word we ran into that with my son. my mom pointed out something that i would've never thought the initials would be wc like water closet. we're not british, that they would now. >> amtrak after huge pr mess on social media.
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got stuck in an elevator at the baltimore-washington international airport. attract an amtrak elevator the airport. in tweeted in february. this week, amtrak responded saying we are sorry to hear that are you still in the elevator? >> following the timeline here come i sure hope not. as you can imagine, pele i'll answer them back, saying thank you for this. i think she was pretty nice. you can rather sarcastic. after all the jokes, they offered her free ride. it's a least they could do. still here, i would hope, she
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a beautiful day today, little cooler. it's refreshing outside. it's pleasant, nice breeze live look for our horse tooth camera here. how about that shop it a little hayes in the distance. some wildfire smoke coming, cross a high country. in the meantime sunshine blazing through the city. 70 degrees downtown. sixty-eight, these numbers are five, 10 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. sixty-six in fort collins, upper 60s low 70s 50s and 60s as you get into the mountains. will not expecting a large jump from here's a cold front has been through. can see it's a little breezy outside. the difference is certainly evident per there's a lack of moisture in the air as well. that for the suit doesn't is over kitty rain is going to stir up it is dry right now. north, south east and west.
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today. through dinnertime this evening, and likely overnight tonight clear skies and light winds this evening. for highs this afternoon will be a chilly night tonight. seventy-six in fort collins. a nice feel out there here as we get to the end of the work week. quite a contrast to that feet that we experienced. mid-seventies on the west side of town, 77 a popular one as you get to the east and much of the same along the palmer divide. above average highs every single day so far this month. we finally get rid of it a sunny skies are with us turning cooler and breezy with gusts as high as 20 miles per hour. forty-two, we could be talking upper 20s, low 30s. it would be a crisp night staying breezy in some spots. your 70 forecast, it's going to be a beautiful afternoon on our saturday with a high of 80 degrees. will see a little spike back to 90. that sunshine will be with a
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it'll come through, there are more fall like, driving temperatures back down into the upper 60s on tuesday perhaps bringing us some much-needed what weather which we could certainly use a 30 percent chance of a shot of happening and tuesday. coming up, we're meeting a pet
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they need of a good home. were live this morning talk about who we have here and ride in quite what she is here this
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she's really sweet, very mellow. such a sweet little girl. good with little kids, good with other dogs. go for the leisurely walk, could be happy in a quieter home. she is nine years old. normallyhe be $50 figure running a special. one hundred sixth birthday. all adult dogs one and older 25 dollars off their adoption fee. then were waiting to see if oliver that about cats one and older as well. such a good deal. like to adopt lady or any of the other wonderful pets you go to qu?bec street shelter, give them
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this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants -- a postdoctoral researcher from cary, north carolina... a customer service manager from vista, california... and our returning champion -- a construction attorney from santa monica, california... whose 4-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek!


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